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How Toronto’s Temerty Centre at University Health Network is revolutionizing surgical training on a global scale

For example, one my colleagues Dr. Amin Madani and his team are developing an AI algorithm that can provide surgeons...

Med-Tech Summit Interview

Dr Amin Madani, Surgeon at University Health Network, sat down for a talk with Mike Prasad at Med-Tech Summit Americas June 2022

Medical Education Research Grant – Recipients

Recipients of the Medical Education Research Grant from the past few years.

Toronto doctor developed an AI to reduce surgical complications

Performing surgery requires extreme skill, focus and precision; researchers hope to develop AI systems to train and assist surgeons.

Member Spotlight: Amin Madani

We caught up with Dr. Amin Madani, an endocrine and acute care surgeon at UHN and researcher with The Institute for Education Research (TIER). He attended Western University's...

CTV Your Morning – New AI tool aims to improve life-saving surgery outcomes

Toronto doctor Dr. Amin Madani explains how the prototype works and how it could help other medical professionals around the world.

Made-in-Canada AI prototype like ‘Google Maps’ for surgeons: doctor

A new prototype that uses artificial intelligence to guide doctors in the operating room could help democratize surgical care around the world, a surgeon behind the new software...

AI developed to reduce surgical complication | CTV News

Dr. Amin Madani, staff surgeon at UHN, talks about how to improve operation and reduce the risk of complications.

Toronto doctor develops AI prototype to help reduce surgical complications

When Dr. Amin Madani isn't removing burst appendixes or excising cancerous cells from his patients, he's thinking about how to improve the performance of surgeons in the operating...